DigiPen Computer Science 1 & 2

Creating technology, not just using it, is what the DigiPen Computer Science program is all about. The program focuses on Computer animation and programming for video games, and is well known and well respected. In the DigiPen program you will be trained in object-oriented programming languages, paradigms, and software engineering techniques and practices. You will also study the core building blocks of computer mathematics using trigonometry and higher math, computer programming in C++, 2D and 3D computer animation, and computer science. Additionally, game animation and programming requires teamwork to successfully complete projects, one of many valuable skills you will develop in this program. The skills needed for game-oriented productions have a variety of applications far beyond the entertainment arena. With gaming technology you can realistically reproduce or simulate natural phenomena and real life events like what is used for flight simulation, giving you many career options. Tri-Tech has a relationship with DigiPen Institute, the first college in the world to offer a degree in video gaming programming. DigiPen partners with Tri-Tech as curriculum developer and instructional provider. Many of DigiPen’s college graduates (two-year associate degree or four-year B.S. degree) have secured positions with companies such as Nintendo, Interplay, Dreamworks Interactive, KnowWonder and Valve.



Career Opportunities

  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Animator
  • Computer Software Engineer



Pre-requisites: Students must be successful math students earning "B" or better in math classes and ready for second year Algebra. Returning students must have a "C" or better their 1st year and instructor approval


Sessions offered: AM 8:00 to 10:30 M-F, PM 11:30 to 2:00 M-F


Length of program: 1-2 years


Location: Tri-Tech


Equivalency Credits: 0.5 Technical English 1 & 2, 1.0 Math (first year only, 1.0 Fine Arts


Occupational/Elective Credits: 3 per year


College credits available: 21 college credits


Text reading levels: The texts are written at the college level