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5929 West Metaline
Kennewick, WA 99336


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Get the Skills

One only needs to visit Tri-Tech Skills Center to see the commitment to high standard technical and professional training. Our instructors are industry professionals having years of experience before entering the teaching field. It is this added benefit of industry experience that makes the difference when a student enters the workforce or continues on at the post-secondary level.


The programs are designed around local, state and national skills standards. Even if the student does not go directly into the industry, the workplace skills, such as communication, problem solving and punctuality are valuable lifetime tools.



Stay Connected

One of the major attractions of the Skills Center program is the connection to the student's home high school. Tri-Tech is an extension of their high school where they remain for three periods allowing them to make and maintain important connections to friends, teachers and counselors.

Students also benefit greatly from the extensive connection instructors have with industry. Many students are placed in job shadows, internships and clinicals during the program. Students get to see first hand how business operates, and on many occasions our students have a leg up when it comes to applying for and getting a job. Tri-Tech Skills Center has a connection with colleges and technical schools that allows students to earn college credit at little or not cost while still in high school. Tech Prep programs are saving families money and time when the student moves into advanced training. Over 90% of the programs offered have a college credit option.


So take a moment, look at the programs available to you, then talk to your parents and counselor. What you learn at the Skills Center may change and enhance your future.