2014-2015 Officers

President, Jill Faulk

"As cheesy as it sounds , drama club, drama class is really just home..to me. I can go there and be myself, I can be in drama and do what I love without anyone judging me for it..because everyone there just wants to act and be part of something bigger than themselves. To me, the feeling of the curtain closing across your face at the end of opening night is a much greater feeling than anything I can think of really. I love drama club so much, its something that I will always remeber and continue to uphold the rest of my life. And the fact I get to run it next year? Its completely surreal in every way and I could not ask for a better group of people to be doing it with and I honestly couldnt ask for a better life."

- Jill Faulk


"Yes, and I like it."

- Britt Henderson

Vice President, Britt Henderson

Secretary, Tanner Jones

"I love drama because we're just a bunch of odd ducks . But we are together. We are the collection of the odd, the menagerie of the interesting. But we're a family we're all a little mad, but when has that ever been bad? We all have a little spark of madness, it's just that we've nurtured ours into a beautiful flame."

-Tanner Jones

"It is a way of life, it is Drama. Swag."

-Ryan Cranston

Treasurer, Ryan Cranston

Activities Coordinator, Mikaila Miller

"Drama is a home. You can be yourself. You can be creative. You won't be judged."

-Mikaila Miller

"I love everything about drama club. I love the tight knit family that we've become, I love all the unique & exciting personalities, I love the stage & the lights & the acting, the excitment of being a character, the thrill of being under the spotlight, the indescribable joy as the red curtains close. Drama has helped me to grow so much & has given so many amazing experiences that I'll never forget."

-Noelle Wadlow

Publicity Manager, Noelle Wadlow

Historian, Yzabelle Tow

"I am in drama because of the people. There's no people like show people. They let you be yourself. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself to be "weird", drama lets your freak flag fly!"

-Yzabelle Tow

"Drama is my home. I can be myself -- pants or no pants -- I am accepted there."

-Branden Schwartz



The Branden Schwartz Position, Branden Schwartz