Welcome to Miss Tillenburg's AP Physics.   I am excited to be using this website to communicate with my students and their parents.  I will be updating this with useful information about the class.  Please check the calendar to stay up-to-date with current assignments.  I am looking forward to a great new year!


AP Physics B Free Response Questions and Answers

Additional Informational Reviews:

AP Physics Overview Review

1D Kinematics Review

1D Kinematics Reivew #2

2D Kinematics Review

Force Review

Work, Energy, Momentum, and Oscillations Review

Circular Motion, Gravity, & Satellites Review

Thermal Review

Waves and Optics Review

Electricity and Magnetism Review

Modern Review

AP Physics B Flash Cards

Extra Credit: Read and summarize the following article: Gravity Waves

*1 page, front and back, single-spaced, hand-written, small-medium handwriting = 10 points or

*1 page, front only, single-spaced, typed, size 12 Times New Roman or Ariel font= 10 points

*Summary should cover the whole article, not just the beginning

*Not open to students who went to LIGO

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