Chapter Reviews

B 1-d Kinematics (Motion)

B 2-d Kinematics (Projectiles)

B Newtons Laws (Force)

B Rotation (Fc, Fg, Torque, and Equilibrium)

B Energy (Work, KE, PE, Power)

B Linear Momentum (Elastic and Inelastic Collisions and Impulse)

B Fluids (Density, Pressure, Buoyancy, Pascal's, Archimedes', and Bernoulli's Principles)

B Thermodyanics (Gas Laws, Thermo Laws, Thermo Processes, Thermal Expansion, Heat Transfer)


Answers for MC Kinematics through Thermodynamics


B Electrostatics (Electric Force, Field, Potential, Potential Energy, and Capacitance)

B Electric Currents and DC Circuits (Current, Resistance, Potential, Ohm's Law, Series and Parallel Circuits)

B Magnetism (Magnetism and Induction)

B Waves and Sound (Waves, Beats, Doppler Effect, Standing Waves, Interference Patterns)

B Geometric Optics (Mirrors, Lenses, Snell's Law, Critical Angle)

B Modern (Atomic and Nuclear)

Mechanics Free Response Packet

Modern Free Response Packet

Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics Free Response Packet

Electricity and Magnetism Free Response Packet

Optics Free Response Packet