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Basic Art

First Semester Augest 29th-January 23rd. Basic Art is a foundation course which presents a series of art experiences. This course reinforces basic elements of art and allows students to develop basic elements of art. Students will to develop a working knowledge of design principles. It offers opportunities to develop and master studio techniques in various media. Development of a creative attitude will be stressed. Students in Basic art do not have to be considering art as a career but should demonstrate a sincere interest in art. Basic art students will be expected to do written and oral reports, take written tests and exams, and have daily sketchbook assignments.

At the end of this course, you will be half way to your fine art credit, and know the principles and elements of art.
You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create, perform, and respond effectively to the arts. Students will also apply the creative process with arts knowledge and skills to reason and solve problems. Use one of the art forms to communicate ideas and feelings, and understand how the arts connect to other areas of life and work.

Required materials
To successfully complete this course, you will need:

  • A white page sketchbook
  • An art magazine
  • Pencils
  • 8x10 clear Plexiglas or glass taped around the edges


Online Resources

KSD.ORG for Kamiakin




Portfolio Pieces Due-

1. September 21st
2. October 20th
3. November 30th
4. December 15th
5. January 19th
Due Finals

General Rules:

  • Be on time
  • Work all period
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Put your stuff away
  • Have a great attitude
  • Don’t waste art supplies
  • Have fun

Grading Policies:
Artwork will be graded on effort, meeting deadlines, design criteria, and professionalism.

Daily work is very important; we do several projects thought out the semester. Extra credit will be given only after every assignment is turned in and graded at least a B. Being tardy will knock your grade 1 point. Un Excused absences will knock score 5 points.

Grading Scale:
A 100-95 A-94-90 B 89-85 B-84-80
C 79-75 C-74-70 D 69-65 D-64-60
Below 59 F



Drawing and Painting

Sketchbook is required
Daily Jobs
Daily Work
Final 4 photos of semester work
Presentations all projects will presented in class, all work will be matted or framed if applicable


Sketchbook assignments will be daily. I check sketchbook every 3 week. 30points

Daily Job you pick the daily job, it must be done everyday before you are allowed to leave. 5 points a week

Daily Work you should always be working if you are completed with an assignment, you must sketch in sketchbook of take out a reading book. No homework is allowed

Final 4 printed pictures taken from any project during the semester sketchbook is included.

Presentations all projects will be presented in class. They will be matted of framed and you will discuss the elements of art you used in your composition.

I am available to speak with after class or at lunch. I will let you know if you have missing assignments and feel free to email me at

Commerical Art

Projects include logo design, product design, and developing ads for the yearbook. Projects can be drawn, painted on a computer, or airbrushed.
All assignments will require Black poster board-which can be reused, and a small piece of foam board.
Class assignments will be presented in a professional manner.
Daily Work
Daily job
Sketchbook all assignments will have a thumbnail sketch in sketchbook with the required sketches.
All assignments be presented.


Sketchbook Assignments will be daily. I will check sketchbook every three weeks. 30pts

Daily Job You pick the daily job, it must be done everyday before you are allowed to leave. 5pts a week

Daily Work You should always be working, if you are completed with an assignment, you must sketch in sketchbook or take out a reading book.

Presentations All projects will be presented in class. They will be matted and you will discuss the elements and principles of art used in your composition.

I am available to speak with you after class or at lunch. My planning period is 5th hour; my last class is yearbook in the art room. I will let you know if you are missing assignments and feel free to e-mail me
Advance Art

All advanced art students will keep a sketchbook. I want to see it in class/ Students can follow the sketchbook assignments giving to other classes, or they can keep a visual journal themselves. It is to be drawn in daily.

Projects are to be completed in 6 of the following areas. Remember if you are applying to “Cornish” you will have to have still lives and observation drawings.

  1. Pencil
  2. Watercolor
  3. Character portrait
  4. Charcoal
  5. Printmaking
  6. Canvas
  7. Pen and ink
  8. Figure Drawing
  9. Oil
  10.  Photography
  11. Bookmaking
  12. Altered Books
  13. Acrylic
  14. Photoshop only one project to be completed in PS.
  15. Conte’ Crayon
  16. Pastel
  17. Collage


I will give demonstrations for each of these areas; you will choose which ones to investigate further.

You should have several still lives; these include many different interesting objects/themes.

All work should be mated if applicable-The art dept. does not supply mat board think about using the same black mat-make work the same original size.

Sketchbooks are checked two times a month-
First project (this is if everything goes on as usual-no fire drills, snow days, assemblies etc.) will be in February . This gives you 20 hours.

Final: 5 Slides of completed work. Please feel free to add to these any work from classes or workshop's you feel represent your creativity or skill, remember it can include 3D work. This can be completed with PowerPoint-you must have 5 final ‘Prints’ for class. You should always be replacing older work for new better more mature work.

Porfolio requiremets

Portfolio: How to put it together!

            Throughout the quarter you will be copying/photographing your best works (the “portfolio assignments”) for your portfolio, due at the end of the semester. Each assignment is worth 30 points.

         For your artwork, you will need 4 clear protective pages. You can find these supplies at Officemax, Office Depot, or where any school/office supplies are sold.

            At the end of the semester you will have a collection of your best artworks that will demonstrate versatility in artistic skills and techniques. So after each portfolio assignment in graded, I recommend you IMMEDIATELY copy or photograph them for your portfolio. Here are some ways to help you copy your work:

Copy the original using a copy machine:
            I recommend Kinko’s or Print Plus. I only recommend this method if your original is no larger then 12”x18”. Both Kinko’s and Print Plus do excellent color copies.

Scan into a computer:
            If you have access to a scanner and a computer with some sort of art program (such as Adobe Photoshop, etc.), you can easily scan in your original and using the program, crop your images. Print them using a color printer.

Photograph with a camera:
            If you photograph them with a camera, it is important that you photograph with “good light”. You may use NATURAL light, outside, during the day, or you may use the flash. The colors should be as vivid on the photos as they are in the original. If you choose this method, you may neatly mount the work on clean, nice quality black paper or you can take the photo to a print shop and have them make color copies for you,

Photograph with a digital camera:
            If you have access to a digital camera, this is an easy method of reproducing your artwork. Then you can crop and print them from a disk using a computer art program (such as Adobe Photoshop). You can do this at Kinko’s as well, but customers not only pay for copies, but also for the time spent using the computers---so it can get spendy. I recommend finding a computer (whether at home, a friends house, or school), with an art program, opening your disk in that program and printing with a color printer.
***I have access to a digital camera, and will digitally photograph your artwork for you IF AND ONLY IF YOU:
            -   Schedule time with me AT LEAST 2 DAYS PRIOR to the date you wish to have the photographs taken
            -   You supply your own disks

I can copy artwork on a program on my classroom computer, with my classroom printer, HOWEVER-if you can find another method of reproducing your artwork, do it! If you need me to make copies PLEASE make arrangements with me before or after class.

Other Requirements:

Labels: (will be graded)
            Each page should only include one composition, which should be centered on the page. You will lose points if they are not centered. Neatness counts. It is required that each composition be neatly labeled with the following TYPED information:

  1. Your name
  2. Title of work
  3. Medium (i.e pencil, acrylic on canvas, linoleum print, ect.)
  4. The size of work
  5. Date completed
  6. Class (Basic, Com. Art, Ect.)

Labels should be easy to read and no larger then size 14 font. Labels should be at least_inch away from the composition and they must be centered or on the bottom right hang corner. The labels should not touch the composition.

Elements of Art














Principals Of Design












Movement & Rhythm



Grading Rubric
Perfect attendance, always on time

Misses 1-2 days but is on time

Missing 3-4 days, tardy only 2 times
Misses more then 4 days, is often late
Attendance unacceptable, tardies more than 3. Unexcused absences
Always on task, gets right to work, follows rules, cleans up after self, daily job is always completed.
Rarely off task-cleans up after self, daily job is always completed.
Sometimes off task when reminded gets right back to work, daily job is completed
Needs reminders to get back to work, forgets s.b. materials, daily job is left incomplete.
Completely unacceptable classroom behavior. Does not do daily job.
Always uses art vocabulary, thinks before speaking, is prepared for presentation. Makes helpful comments when others present.
Participates in critiques, prepared.
Begins to make comments about others work uses safe vocabulary words
Piece is not completed, can not explain work.
Does little or no work/evaluation.
Always brings to class, works on it daily, turns in on time, shows interesting approach, and sophisticated sketches.
Always brings to class, works on it daily, and shows originality.
Keeps current, works hard, 1 day late
More than 2 days late, missing 1-2 assignments.
No sketchbook handed in.