College Visits

College visits


Description: GraduationThis is the time to help you decide on a college that best fits for a positive and rewarding experience.

Take time to visit colleges on line if you cannot visit the campus this summer.

Use this link:
User name: Kamiakin
Password: Braves

~Students ~ Reminder: Don’t wait to get those applications in when applying to a 4 year colleges, it is best to have it done by Dec. 15th , this expedites your admission, financial aid, choice of dorm & roommates. If you have any questions, I am available to assist you in this process. Mrs. Rathbun

Freshman Admission to Washington Public Colleges & Universities for Fall 2012
All require an official high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores, and supplemental materials as indicated.

Community College – An opportunity to get a great start on a degree or pre requirements done.  Advantage of attending a community college: affordable factor, smaller classes, stay at home earn a degree, a back up college.  

Technical college - Send in early or at the same time as other college applications to guarantee admission.