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Have you ever thought about the one variable we control in our schools that can have the greatest impact on our students? Without a doubt, that variable is the instruction that each student receives in every classroom in every period. As instructional leaders, our primary job is to ensure that each student receives the best possible instruction. What does it take to do that?

In our work in the Kennewick School District, we have identified three key elements to improving classroom education. The first is a clear, well-communicated definition of high quality instruction; second, models of high quality instruction for teachers and instructional leaders to observe and discuss; and finally, protocols to be used to discuss the instruction to get to the heart of quality instruction.

We have found four elements to be central to defining high quality instruction. The simple definition is that we are looking for purpose, engagement, rigor and results (PERR) in each lesson. The four elements are easy to communicate across a district and encompass the elements of an effective lesson. We have found recording lessons on DVD and sharing them with groups as we discuss PERR in the lessons has been a great way to model for others what these four elements look like in a lesson.

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